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To play blackjack, all you need to do is to add 21 points for cards or as close as possible without going to get beat the dealer, who is the only one that must be faced. It is desirable to be clear at all times that if the sum of the cards that are on hand totaling more than 21 points you always lose the game regardless of the dealer's cards. The Blackjack, therefore, is a counting game because everything depends on the sum of the amounts of the different letters that are in hand, taking into account the double value As its double value 1/11.

As mentioned, the Blackjack is to have everything, but on this page we will not talk about this type of card counting, but a widely used strategy game in the twentieth century it was to add or subtract a point depending on the value that would have the letters that went out to see when the playing conditions were favorable for the player.

We remark that the card counting strategy shown below is prohibited in casinos for the sole reason that it works, so if you need to implement master perfectly. Speaking of blackjack strategy is completely useless because every game starts with the deck in full, so that card counting does not generate any profit.

By applying flash card counting is now possible to practice how to count cards to implement the strategy most feared by casinos. It is worth remembering that it is forbidden to count cards, so if you want to use this "trick" requires a lot of practice to avoid being caught. Another interesting aspect is that this tactic does not work in the online casinos because each blackjack hand to play with the full deck.

To use the application the first thing to do is to choose the difficulty level between Beginner, Intermediate and Expert, our recommendation is to start by Novato and move up when this is mastered
completely. After selecting the level that best suits the experience counting cards in user instructions box appears.