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The dice game offers excitement and action continuously, being probably the most entertaining casino game for both experienced players and those who are beginners. The sometimes chaotic atmosphere surrounding the craps tables in casinos has been depicted in numerous movies in which the protagonists have access to a games room. This chaos has made the craps tables are crowded not only players but also public that wants to see what happens.

Dice are able to maintain the watchful eye of a large group of people because of the nature of the game and the eccentricities that some of the players make. It is not surprising to find that craps players before his shot begin a ritual to show the play dice they want.

By playing in the Online Casino, the experience is not the same, although the casino rooms that are on the network have attempted match their atmosphere quite satisfactorily and Craps Online are getting more followers to observe the resemblance between the live rooms and virtual has been achieved.

If you want to see for yourself the benefits that offer Craps Online, visit one of the casinos that our team of experts has analyzed and are included in our rankings of the best online casinos to feel the thrill of Craps.

The game of craps has a history of thousands of years. Since its inception there have been many ways
to play and the rules have been updated up to the present. Although craps at first glance may show a way to play hard, and play different versions can be found in every corner of the world.

The only requirement needed to play Dice is, as its name indicates, a dice. During World War II, the favorite game of the American soldiers were Craps and took every break in the battle to escape from this with a game of "craps".