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To play blackjack need to know how to add, considering that if the player goes over 21, the stake money is for the casino regardless of the cards he has the dealer.

The way to play the dealer is predetermined in all casinos. In most cases this must always ask letter until you get to 16, being forced to stand if the sum of your cards is 17 or higher. To get the best possible play, the player can stand or take another card.

If the player is happy with your play or believes that another letter will be planted this would be passed, while another card if you think that would improve the play is appropriate for the request. The player can also perform several movements after receiving his first letters, can double down or split your cards. Trade Forex and Binary Options online at

After receiving the first two cards, the player may double his bet. To double down third letter is requested, so that no player can bend the stand. In some casinos can only double down if the first two cards total 9, 10 or 11 points, so it is advisable to read the specific rules of the table you are playing for when you can double down.

If the first two cards the player receives the same value, this can separate two different hands to play. By separating it makes a bet with the same value as the first so that both hands have the same money at stake.

Some casinos also offer the ability to afford insurance or surrender, but in most of them, these moves are not possible. If the dealer's first card is an Ace, the player could afford insurance to half the initial bet. If the dealer gets Blackjack would earn twice what I paid insurance would recover the initial bet.

The player can also be held if to receive your first two cards notes that it is virtually impossible to win the dealer recovering half the money of your bet, although currently very few blackjack tables that allow this option.