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From ancient times to the present and from the theaters of war to the schoolyards, Craps is a game made for everyone and where all enjoy. The origins of the game of craps are somewhat confusing. Any document which talks about the history of the various games that exist today, to get to the dice always concludes that its origin is not known precisely. As with most games, the dice have a definite beginning, but have emerged as part of culture and has evolved until it has reached the variant that is played today.

No one can say who enjoyed in the first game of craps as several similar games that had simultaneously in different cultures and that were influencing each other up to the rules of today. Craps, even though no one knows for sure when it arose, it is known from the ancient world and is played with six-sided cubes. Still, accepting the information presented to the current game of Craps is the evolution of "hazard", a gambling game from England.

As expanded to different parts of the world, so did their games and pastimes. It is debatable whether the British should take the honor of having introduced the dice games in North since other versions say that the French, knowing "hazard", the game had changed and I had changed the name to "craps", a game popularized by New Orleans.

The part of the story itself is known is that the current table is based on the model that John H. Winn created so players had more options to place bets. Added a new area do not pass bets, so that also included the ability to bet for or against the shooter.

After the founding of Las Vegas in 1930, Dice made it to the summit and remain as one of the games that most fans have of casinos because of different betting options presented. The game of Craps is really popular among visitors to the different casinos. There are many different methods that can be found which states that following this strategy ensure profit game, although most of them in the long run, are completely destructive to the economy of the player.