Online Games Free   Who wins in a battle of the Gods?

Imagine the scene, you have been whisked back in time to Ancient Greece and you are about to witness The Ultimate Clash of the Gods. Who has your backing? Who would you put your money on to emerge victorious?! Does Hades the god of the underworld have what it takes to overthrow his mighty brother Zeus?

We know from the old stories of Greek Mythology that it was rarely about which God possessed the most strength, it was always about the situation and strategy. We can look at Hercules in this example, although considered a demigod, he had strength of mind as well as body to outwit some his larger and more powerful foes.

The Ancient Greeks notoriously created winners depending on the moral of the story and what it was they were looking to teach. If we look at who would win between Athena and Poseidon, although Athena does not possess nearly as much brute strength as Poseidon, if they were going head to head in a battle of wit as they did when deciding the patron city of Athens, Athena could rein victorious over the mighty Poseidon.

We headed over to bgo casino and took a look at the new Age of the God’s series of online slots, from this we put together our Clash of the God’s – Top Trumps style, awarding points based on strength and power. So….who wins?