Online Games Free   Survey Finds More Brits How to Play BlackJack than Poker

A recent survey finds three out of four Brits know how to play black jack, but only one out of four understand the rules of poker.

Also called pontoon or 21, black jack was recently voted the most popular card game among Brits alongside solitaire, with three quarters of those asked saying they can play the game.

Surprising only a quarter of UK residents know how to play poker and as technology has changed the way we play traditional games, the survey suggests there will be an increase in solitary games.

The Rise of Black Jack

Live black jack is a very popular game both offline and online with over three quarters of the population knowing how to play it. King of the casino in 1985, black jack took a unit share of 75.88% of all games played throughout that year and this traditional game has stuck around.

John Martinez, Professional Poker player, explains: “Black jack is one of the most popular games online and in casinos because of the ease of play. The rules are easy to understand. The play is fast. There are no big surprises.”

Although, the digital age has increased competition, black jack has managed to retain a large percentage of the market and in 2007 still provided 54.97% of overall income - this is due to it being a simple game that can easily be played across different devices.

Bryce Carlson, the author of black jack for blood, says: “I started playing black jack in land-based casinos, but the explosion of online black jack in the 90s has led me into the world of virtual black jack as well.”

Being able to play black jack online, has allowed famous players from across the globe to play together without unwanted attention. They say they are happy with the introduction of online gaming and enjoy practising their strategy at their own convenience.

The Fall of Poker

In comparison, poker only makes up 5% of the online casino market’s gross gambling yield, which is explained by the recent results discovered by Paddy Power (only a quarter of adults know how to play poker).

Additionally, poker is a more complex game and Marcus Blakeway, iGaming Specialist, says: “Online black jack is the most popular, simply because of its convenience and the fact that it's one of the most played casino games in the world.

It's available from your home, anytime day or night, and now with mobile casinos available you don't even have to start up your computer to enjoy a game. Almost every online casino will offer it, and there are plenty of black jack variations available.”