Online Games Free   Scratch Cards at Microgaming Casinos

Beyond the table, card, slots or dice games in the online gambling world, we have another very fascinating game that is Scratch Cards game. This is quite simple and easy to play. In childhood times, we used to play scratch card games at stationary shops. Online mode of casino provides similar fun games. Many players used to try their luck with scratch cards regularly. Although, the prize money is bit limited but anyways it is nice to earn extra bucks. Since, we have several software providers of casino games but Microgaming always leads the competition in terms of features, variety of games, or technological improvements. This all makes it popular in the field of gambling on internet.

Knowing Scratch Cards:

• Online scratch card games are theme based. You will find different color schemes or symbols depending on the site offering the gametwist game.
• A matrix of PXQ will appear on the screen as board, where P and Q can be any number.
• Player needs to guess the matching box from available grid/matrix. Click on the box in order to scratch.
• Every time player bet on the match-box, if he or she get perfect match then credit will be added to player’s account else betting amount will be lost.
• Inexperience player can play very easily and tend to win money prizes.

Bonuses with Scratch Cards:

• No Deposit Bonus:

As the name suggests, no deposit bonus can be used without making any deposit of real money. Usually, casinos have limited games with this type of bonuses. Many players start their practice with no deposit bonus and grow their wager account.

• Deposit Bonus:

Deposit match bonuses are provided by casinos required some money to deposit. After the registration, companies offer several scratch card games on small deposits. Thus, getting new scratch cards is always worth of few dollars.

Scratch Cards at Microgaming:

Among all software providers, Microgaming is the one which attract casino audience the most. They offer variety of scratch card games which are rich in graphics. People really enjoy playing such high quality games. The most popular games provided by Microgaming are:

• Beer Fest
• Bingo Bonanza
• Bill and Ted
• Bowled Over
• Six Shooter Looter
• Game, Set and Scratch

Why Microgaming Scratch Card Games:

Scratch cards provided by Microgaming gives first-class feeling to players. We have already mentioned the success of Microgaming so there is no doubt for promising features provided in different games by it. Let’s have a look at different attraction that makes scratch cards favorable.

• It offers variety of games in the category of scratch cards.
• It provides easy game play where no prime skill is needed to play.
• Coin size for bet is available with several variations that suits player’s budget.
• “Show Card” feature can play your game for you.