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In the beginning we have first time Signup Bonus that avail incentives to new comer so that players can start without risking their real money. It was started to excite the players and to make large future audience for casinos. But with the time, image of such signup bonuses get caught by bad apples. Some scams take other benefits from such schemes for bonus. Moreover, greater availability of online casinos offers players to play with different casinos. So, with the emerging technology, people tend to make fake accounts and switch the casino after taking incentives. This leads casinos world with big loss of money and significance. To back up with same impact, they introduce some Loyalty Bonuses for serious players who spend their time playing with online casinos like bohemia casino.

So, what exactly is Loyalty Bonus from online casinos?

As its name suggests that bonus is rewarded to one who stands within casino for a selected period. The value of loyalty bonus may vary with casino. Many reputed casinos have different bonus schemes such as VIP scheme, Players Club Scheme or Cash Back bonus. Even according to the period any player played with casino, bonus may be rewarded such as Silver, Platinum or Gold. In fact, when you study the terms and condition of casinos play; make sure you note down their loyalty bonus schemes, because these schemes will definitely help you to fill your pockets with huge money.

Types of Loyalty Bonuses:

Loyalty Bonuses for active players vary from one online casino to others. So, you cannot expect same value of bonus from every other casino. Fortunately, we are providing you the list of Loyalty Bonus you may get from reputed online casino.

• Tiered Loyalty Bonus:

These schemes are purely based on time period you spent with casinos. The more you spend time, the more you get bonus. Different casino termed these bonuses with different names. Such as, you may find as Diamond, VIP or Dynamite. On the other, bonuses can term as Silver, Platinum or Gold. Now, you have to decide whether to play for time pass or want to be high roller.

• Cash Back Bonus:

When you achieve certain milestone with any casino, then on particular point casino will refill your account with some coupons. You only have to redeem your points in order to take benefit for next move.

How can you check for Loyalty Bonus?

The prime and foremost step to check for loyalty bonus is to read terms and conditions of casinos. It is recommended that you may take print out of T&C because Casinos have every right to alter those T & C. Moreover, when you switch from one casino then get through their terms and conditions as well. As we already discussed that every casinos have different Loyalty Bonus Schemes.