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The high roller bonus is for you who like to bet high. It gives you bonuses and other rewards on large deposits and bets. You can read more about this type of offer. Do you like to play for large sums? Then you are a so called high roller. Exactly when a regular deposit bonus becomes a high roller is hard to say, but we explain the concept in more detail for you. There is no set limit to what a high roller bonus really is and everyone probably still has different opinions even if there was one. Offers of 5,000 or more are often seen as best au online pokies bonuses.

In order to be able to take advantage of an offer like this from a casino, it is usually required that you are a new player. Online casinos are played for ever larger and larger sums every year. Here too, however, the temporary Gambling Ordinance has had a decisive impact. This is because you currently cannot deposit more than 5,000 per week at one and the same casino. Although the bonus amounts you can get have often been large, few casinos have had bonuses of 5,000 or more. We have many casinos on the market that offer interesting welcome bonuses with both turnover free deposit bonuses and free spins.

Free spins in particular have become even more interesting in recent times. Now you will find several casinos that have completely new types of games that you can test free spins on. In the past, it was mostly about games like Starburst and Book of Dead when you got your free spins in a welcome offer. Now you get free spins on both jackpot games and brand new games that you may have never tried before. A high roller, high roller, is a person who plays with large amounts, a high roller. This person not only plays with a large sum of money but also bets large sums at the gaming table.

If you play at a land based casino you can be considered a major player if you play for 20,000 in chips. The sum needs to be a little higher, about 500,000, if one is to be considered a major player. At online casinos, a person can be considered a major player if he plays for a few thousand bucks a day. Furthermore, the term high roller most often occurs in connection with casino games such as roulette, blackjack and slots. Of course, it is also not excluded that the concept of high roller occurs in betting contexts. The opposite word to high rollers is low rollers people who play and bet smaller amounts at casinos. Low rollers may play for small sums but this type of player often possesses a lot of knowledge about various online real money casino games and constitutes the largest group of players at casinos.