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Did you know that most online casinos offer a special live casino bonus? This is a bonus offered to players who register for the first time at a casino on the market. But at a live casino, you get much more than just a bonus. You also get a gaming experience beyond the ordinary. By mixing the best from the casino experience at land-based casinos with the online experience, a concept has been found that is growing at a furious pace. In this text you get to know everything you need to know about live casino en ligne francais and live casino bonuses. Join us and we'll tell you more. A live casino bonus is just as the name suggests a bonus adapted just for games in the live casino. This of course means that it is only about bonus money and not free spins, as only table games are played at live casinos.

Sometimes this type of offer only works on games in the live casino, other times you can use bonus money on regular table games as well. If you like that nerve wracking feeling of looking a real dealer in the eye, even when you play online, then the live casino bonus is right for you. Getting a live casino bonus means in the first place that you need to find a gaming site that actually offers this type of game. Today, it is not a major challenge because most online casinos offer a live casino for their players. When you then choose your welcome bonus, you are usually able to choose an alternative bonus that is adapted to the live casino and thus only consists of bonus money.

Sometimes it is called a live casino bonus, in other cases you have to choose between two different welcome packages where one option consists of only money while the other also includes free spins. When it comes to live casino online, there are a few different game manufacturers on the market that offer this. The biggest players right now are netent and evolution gaming. Netent has both regular casino games and live casino while evolution gaming only has live casino in various forms. When it comes to netent, they have mainly focused on live casino that works well on mobile. They have the original mode called mobile first which means that the games are designed with a focus on mobile devices in the first place and then adapted to look good on a larger screen.

This means that you can always run netent's live casino on your mobile, good to keep in mind. We have compiled some information about netent's live casino and you can find it here. The largest player when it comes to live online casinos. They broadcast live casino from their own studios and also from tables located at real, land based online pokies nz. If you play at one of these tables, you can see real people walking around the casino, as close as you can get to being there for real. Evolution gaming has a large variety of games and they are also available in a lot of different languages. If you want to read more about evolution gaming, you can do it here.