Online Games Free   The Difference between Video Poker and Slots

At first glance, it is quite easy to confuse slots machines with video poker games. Once you start exploring these great games, however, you will quickly notice that there are actually many differences between the two. This article will outline these, and give you some advice as to how to choose which games according to your personal preferences.

The Decision-Making Process is the Biggest Differential

The biggest difference between these 2 game-types is the matter of strategy: video poker players will be required to make decisions that affect the game’s outcomes, while slots players rely totally on luck.

If you decide to play a video poker game, you will need to decide on not only which online version, and how much to bet, but also which cards to hold on to in order to make up the highest-paying had. This final decision is crucial as far as winning and losing is concerned, and an at least basic understanding of poker hand rankings is necessary for winning play.

Slots machine games, however, require very little input from those who play them. Of course you will need to pick a game, and the amount of paylines to activate for your play, but beyond that Lady Luck is the great determiner of the outcome. Once the game is underway you will not need to do anything but await the reel results and hope that they align as they should.

What the 2 Game Types Have in Common

Both video poker games and the online slots Canada has to offer will have different payouts for each title, and players will need to examine these, along with the payout information and game requirements before they start the game. You will need to make the decision on how much to bet for both game types as well.

The Potential for Profit and Big Wins

Another considerable difference between slots and video poker is that, thanks to the decreased reliance on blind luck, video poker play can potentially become a very consistently profitable pastime. Although the prizes, particularly progressive jackpots, for slots machines often make the headlines, the smaller wins achieved in video poker games are steadier.

If you are a good poker player and know something about the various strategies for the game, you will be able to make headway with video poker machines, but the games will require your full attention and total focus. For a more relaxed experience which requires only the most basic player interaction, slots are the games to enjoy.

The progressive jackpot prizes which slots are able to offer a huge drawcard, however, as these figures reach truly incredible totals, and are often referred to as Millionaire Makers. Prizes of 7 digit dollar-totals are not uncommon, and these jackpots are not as frequently found for video poker games.

As different as these games may be, however, there is no reason not to try your hand at both! Now that you know the essentials, the only thing left to do is get in a game.