Online Games Free   5 Ways the Casino Industry has Changed Since the 1990s

The internet has revolutionised the gaming industry and it has grown rapidly since 1994. Even with a few legal issues along the way, online casinos are definitely sticking around. With the way technology is growing and improving, the online casino industry can only get better.

Most industries have changed with the advent of the internet, and the Free Trade and Processing Act in Antigua and Barbuda has been the catalyst for these changes in online gaming. This act allowed for licensed online gaming, and it was after this that software developers like Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, Playtech and Cryptologic were established.

1. Convenience of Online Gaming

The casino industry has allowed all players to enjoy gaming at their leisure, as they longer have to travel to places such as Monte Carlo or Las Vegas to get their fix. This is probably the biggest change for players, and the fact that they can play on their PC’s, whether at home or work reduces any geographical reliance they may have had on casinos previously. Travelling to a land-based casino can also be costly, but with online gaming players no longer have to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Another big plus for players has been the option to play on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Android and iPhone casino games have become hugely popular, and mobile is fast surpassing desktop PC as the preferred platform on which to play.

2. Wider Range of Games

A land-based casino can only offer so many games as they are restricted to available floorspace. With online gaming the range of games on offer are much bigger, and there are more variations of each. Slots are especially popular among casino players, and online slots offer great graphics, sound and animations which are not often found in land-based casinos.

The internet has allowed for great innovations in the online casino industry and slots, table games and a myriad of other wagering entertainment has enjoyed a very successful makeover.

3. Play for Free Option

Players can also try out many online games for free, and thanks to the Internet you can enjoy risk free games for fun or practice. This option is not available to land-based casino players and is seemingly an exclusive online offering. Playing for free allows players to practice and learn new games as well as perfecting their gaming skills without betting any real money.

4.Safety and Security

Technically, online casinos are far safer than their land based counterparts as players no longer need to carry around large amounts of cash or casino chips. Online casinos offer their players a range of different banking options which they can use when depositing and withdrawing their winnings. Reputable casinos will ensure the safety of their players and make use of state of the art security and encryption measures to safeguard all transactions and confidential information.

5.Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are a big part of online casino gaming. Although land-based casinos do offer certain promotions and giveaways, they do not come close to the promotions offered by online casinos. These bonuses range from welcome bonuses for first time players, to VIP bonuses for long time players.

Because there is much competition between the online casinos, each one tries to outdo the other and these bonuses are often very rewarding. There are also promotions for certain games where players can win cash or other prizes. Online casinos do not have as large an overheads or running costs as land based casinos, so their jackpot payouts are often much larger than in a land-based casino too.

Overall, the casino industry has changed dramatically since the 1990’s and many would say for the better. Now, the online arena has expanded to mobile, and Live casino and VR casino games are also readily available, propelling gaming into a whole new dimension.